The Link Governors are an essential element of Willow Brook’s governance, as outlined in the introduction to governance.

The list of Link Governors (roles and individuals) is reviewed at every Governing Board Meeting. This list is presented in no particular order.

Role Governor
Quality of Teaching Simon Harris
SEND, Disadvantaged Pupils and LAC Gemma Spackman and Vicky McEwan
Behaviour and anti-bullying Gemma Spackman
English Emma Shaw and Vicky McEwan
Maths Tamsin Armour
Balanced curriculum and extra-curricular activities Neil Rabbitts
Sports Funding Colin Brearley
Appraisal Neil Rabbitts, Simon Harris, Colin Brearley, Tamsin Armour
Continuing Professional Development Simon Harris
Parent Engagement Colin Brearley
Pupil Engagement Gemma Spackman
Safeguarding Simon Harris
Safer Recruitment Simon Harris, Neil Rabbitts
Governor Training Emma Shaw
Early Years Vicky McEwan
Complaints Neil Rabbitts, Vicky McEwan, Colin Brearley
Science and STEM Yasmine Roff
Equality Tamsin Armour
Health & Safety Colin Brearley
RE, SMSC, British Values Emma Shaw
Data Protection Neil Rabbitts, Colin Brearley
Staff and Pupil Wellbeing Vicky McEwan