Willow Brook – we did it! We dodged the showers and the occasional thunder and had a fabulous week of sports and games. As you’ll see from the photos and the footage, there was a whole host of events on offer every day to run alongside the traditional trackside races. Our tournament day was filled with Ga Ga Ball, archery, beach volleyball, Capture the Flag, indoor rowing, killer relay and FourSquuare.

The Willow Brook teachers and TAs continue to give their energy and enthusiasm to make weeks like this a success for the children. Whilst it is disappointing not to share them with you all, everyone who took part had a ball and showed just how competition and fun can work hand in hand.

This morning our Bench of Glory will celebrate the talent we saw – there was so much skill, sportsmanship and positivity. Covid restrictions have been hard but this was a community back in play!