How very lucky to have not one, but two sporting trips in two weeks!

On Tuesday, the children boarded a coach to make a journey to Nottingham Climbing Centre. We had the entire centre to ourselves and we had a bunch of enthusiastic, knowledgeable and fun instructors who gave us plenty of time to climb. I can’t believe how much time the children got on the walls and how much personalised advice and encouragement the children got. It puts other activity trips to shame!

As ever, the children were perfectly polite and well behaved. The instructors were very impressed by the confidence of EVERYONE in the class and couldn’t believe how well Willow Brook children face their fears and just get on with things! Of course, I wasn’t in the slightest bit surprised by how marvelous they were.

I would also like to thank all the staff and parents who helped to make this trip happen, from paying online, completing risk assessments, arranging coaches, reminding children to bring PE kits, tying knots and advice on editing the video, so many people were involved in making the trip a success. It doesn’t happen by itself!

Mr Jones