Languages Curriculum Statement

Learning French at Willow Brook

Bonjour et bienvenue! Please read on to find out more about French at Willow Brook.


It is our intention to develop within the children at Willow Brook an experience and a love of both learning and using the French language. Our desire is to help each child to build a firm foundation in French which they will be able to use and build upon as they move on to their secondary education. We also aim to build within each child a confidence and enthusiasm for speaking a modern foreign language, adding to the wealth of knowledge and skills that can potentially add to future careers and open up global opportunities.


French is taught on a regular basis across key stage 2. All year groups use Language Angels as their teaching aid. This enables teachers who lack expertise and confidence in the subject to have a reliable resource to guide their planning and delivery.

In year 3 the children are given a basic introduction to French with an emphasis on fostering a love of speaking a different language and embracing an alternative culture. In years four to six we build upon this foundation using the key skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar, progressing through the various topics to give the children an introduction to a broad range of experiences within this language.

Teaching is delivered in many different forms to enable the children to develop an extensive range of skills.

They will learn to:

  • listen to and understand basic vocabulary and conversation
  • engage in short conversations expressing their opinions within these
  • read simple words, phrases and sentences
  • write short sentences from memory and
  • appreciate poems, songs, rhymes and simple short stories.

They will also begin to understand French grammar and learn about the French culture and aspects of everyday life in France.

The curriculum for each year group is set out so teachers know what to teach and when.


Initial assessments are made at the beginning of each unit to enable the teacher to recap on any previously learnt vocabulary before the next level is taught.

Progress is measured through the marking of work and oral comprehensions that are carried out towards the end of each unit.  This enables teachers to ensure that children are developing, securing and embedding their knowledge.

Completed units are recorded within the Language Angels program and progress for each class follows with them throughout their time at Willow Brook. This ensures continuity and allows previously learnt knowledge to be built upon.

Work carried out within the lessons is recorded by each pupil and filed.