Willow Brook Primary School is a happy community where we share a love for learning and where all are encouraged to embrace opportunities and discover new talents in a stimulating and caring environment.

Our aims are captured in 5 key words – community, confidence, creativity, care and commitment. Every adult and child who is proud to call Willow Brook their home knows them as The Five C’s. Our ethos statement adds meaning to these 5 simple words and sums up all that we aim to achieve:

‘I am at the heart of a happy community where a love of learning and a wealth of challenges and opportunities inspire my confidence, creativity and talents.

 I am at the heart of a caring community where I learn to respect and value my environment and the people who share it with me.

 I am committed to becoming the best I can be – a lifelong learner where those around me celebrate and encourage the start of my unique learning journey.

 I am at the heart of my school and am proud to be so.’