Willow Brook fully embraced British Science Week and Class 6 were no exception.  They took part in a whole host of practical investigations linked to light- making periscopes and kaleidoscopes.  They also investigated structures (bridges and towers) and worked collaboratively in pairs against other pairs to see who could make the longest bridges out of one piece of A4 card and the bridges had to be able to support a weight.  The children then competed to see who could make the tallest towers using one piece of A4 card.  It was amazing to listen to the children hypothesising, questioning and investigating different ideas and concepts.  The level of resilience shown when something did not work was brilliant and the communication and collaboration demonstrated was very impressive.

Thursday was an exciting day as the children presented their science fair entries.  I was amazed by the level of effort the children had put in at home on these fantastic projects.  Thank you for your help and support- the entries were all fantastic and the children were extremely proud of their work.  They all presented their entries with confidence and showed many elements of our other Cs.  They could all explain the science behind their projects in detail.  Picking two finalists for the following day was such a hard task!  It was an excellent week!