We are now crossing the Atlantic Ocean, we stopped briefly at the archipelagos of St Paul Rocks and Fernando Noronha. It has taken a while but we are going to be out here for the next few days.

I am observing the small plants like phytoplankton and small animals like zooplankton that live in the surface of the ocean. During the Atlantic trip I have made many 0bservations of marine life. I am collecting plankton in a plankton net I made. I believe this is the second use recorded of someone using a plankton net. I quickly identified theses small plants came from the base of the ocean food web. I have realised that the number of animals this net collects is very great, this fully explains why so many animals of a large size live so far from land. The plankton I have recorded so far include arrow worms, sea butterflies and salps.

I will be leaving here very soon, I will be seeing many more amazing things on my voyage. I hImage result for HMS Beagle crossing the alantic oceanope I can discover as many things as I have here.

By Ella