TImage result for hobart tasmania landscapehe H.M.S Beagle arrived in Hobart ,Tasmania. We anchored the Beagle at the mouth of the river Derwent. We made several journeys, including travelling to Mount Wellington.

Our  aim was to study the geology of the island. The main points of interest were the certain basaltic rocks, which had flowed as lava. There was some unstratified clumps of greenstone. Some exceedingly small rise of the land. There is ancient fossiliferous strata, probably from the age of the Silurian system of Europe. Their was some superficial patch of yellowish limestone or travertin too.

During my excursions, I collected specimens of a venomous snake, skinks, lizards and dung beetles, as well as the new species of flatworm. Back on the Beagle I studied the behaviour of the flatworms, including their ability to regenerate, as I had already done previously with the South America specimens. These flatworms will be classified as a new genus.

By Freddy