After leaving the Galapagos islands, we got on the ship, (H.M.S Beagle), and set  sail for Tahiti. It was a journey of 3,200 miles. When we all got to Tahiti I went to observe the coral reefs off the island.

We took a few trips down to the coral reefs. They were located all over the island of Tahiti. We paddled for some time about the reef admiring the pretty branches of corals.

In my opinion, although there is little written about these coral reefs I still found out a lot more than there already is known about them. Then, when we all got back from finding out our discoveries, we got back on the H.M.S Beagle. We set off for new Zealand passing the island of Aitutaki, one of the Cook Islands ,on the way, which provided me with another opportunity to observe coral formations.

I know more about coral reefs now than I knew before and I will include it all in my report.

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By Caitlyn