After a long boat ride we have finally arrived in Sydney, Australia. The crew of the HMS Beagle made a 120 mile excursion into the interior to the village of Bathurst, via the blue mountains, so that we could get a general idea of the country’s appearance. I did not get to explore the natural wildlife of Sydney but I did get to observe the cockatoos and the platypus.

I was reflecting on the strange character of this country as compared with the rest of the world. Image result for sidney charles darwinAs a believer of everything, I think that two different creators must have been at work; their object however, has been the same, and certainly the end in each case is complete!

While I was there I observed a fight between the lion-ant and the fly fighting for survival in the sand. But the ant enjoyed a better fate then the fly.

After our time in Sydney I think it is time to move on.


by Olivia