Monday 2nd October was a very important day in the Willow Brook calendar!  It was election day!  Elections took place to appoint our school council representatives for our three pupil voice departments: the Care Department; the Creative Department and the Community Department.  During the previous week, after a meeting to discuss the continued importance of pupil voice at our school and to remind children of the role of the departments and the people within them and the skills required for each candidate, the children had been busy filling out application forms in their classrooms outlining why they were applying for the roles and why they believed they should be the successful candidate.  These were then presented to the other children in the class and through the democratic process of a vote, the representatives were elected.  It was unbelievably close in every single year group and in every single department but I am delighted to announce our school council representatives for this academic year below.

Elected for the Care Department:

Elected for the Creative Department:

Elected for the Community Department: