Wow! What an exciting morning we’ve had down in the infants. Our day started with a visit from some local fire fighters who came to tell us all about their job. Whilst half of us went outside to look at the fire engine, the other children had the chance to look more closely at some of the equipment and clothing a firefighter would wear. Two lucky children were chosen to try on the clothing as we learnt all about why a firefighter needed to wear the different pieces. The helmet was very heavy and their feet were lost inside the gigantic boots!
Both groups of children had some fantastic questions to ask the firefighters and we all learnt a lot of new information. The firefighters told us how important it was that we all knew our home address in case we needed to phone the emergency services and to remind grown-ups at home to test that their smoke alarms. There were many stories of burnt cooking and showers setting off smoke alarms at this point!
Outside, we had the chance to sit inside the fire engine and look at all of the different equipment. The children did a fantastic job of climbing up the high steps into the fire engine, but getting down was a little more frightening. It was very high up for some little legs!
Here are a few photographs of our day for you to enjoy.