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18 01, 2022

Crochet Critters

By |2022-01-18T16:06:02+00:00January 18th, 2022|Class 4|Comments Off on Crochet Critters

Today was the last session of Crochet Critters club and here are the finished products! Mrs Allen, Mrs Sampson and Mrs Armitage were so proud of the way the children persevered even though it was a difficult and fiddly skill to master! We hope the children are as proud of their creations as we [...]

2 12, 2021

Class 3 Toots Orchestra

By |2022-01-06T16:21:12+00:00December 2nd, 2021|Class 3|Comments Off on Class 3 Toots Orchestra

After 11 weeks of learning toots, Class 3 are very proud to present the fruits of their labours! Unfortunately, we were unable to invite guests into the hall to be amazed by our skills in person but we hope that the videos give you a glimpse into what we've been doing. A big thank [...]

8 10, 2021

Class 3 travels to the Stone Age

By |2021-10-22T21:11:54+01:00October 8th, 2021|Class 3, Front Page Slider|Comments Off on Class 3 travels to the Stone Age

Class 3 were incredibly excited to set off on our first school outing of the year. For some, the highlight of the day was the simple joy of being on a coach with their friends on the way there and back! We arrived at Brackenhurst NTU campus and were immediately transported back in time [...]

4 10, 2021

Class 3 Food Technology Project

By |2021-10-08T13:58:36+01:00October 4th, 2021|Class 3, Whole School|Comments Off on Class 3 Food Technology Project

Class 3 were very excited to learn that their Food Technology project would involve biscuits...just not for them! The task was to create a new biscuit for the staff room so it had to be not too messy to eat, dunkable in a cup of tea and, of course, delicious. The children had very [...]

24 09, 2021

Beginners Chess Club

By |2021-09-27T10:17:01+01:00September 24th, 2021|Class 3, Class 4|Comments Off on Beginners Chess Club

Willow Brook's beginners chess club started this week and we got off to a great start! After going right back to basics of what a board looks like, we learnt (or, in the case of some children, revised!) how pawns start, move, take other pieces and can be very helpful if they make it [...]

12 09, 2021

Class 3 Tooting

By |2021-09-20T08:44:53+01:00September 12th, 2021|Class 3, Whole School|Comments Off on Class 3 Tooting

Class 3 were incredibly excited to have our first whole class music tuition this week. Toots are best described as a hybrid of a flute mixed with a recorder. We learnt (very quickly!) that blowing hard into a toot makes a horrible sound and that blowing softly sounds much more pleasant! As you can [...]

15 07, 2021

Class 3’s Ukulele Performances!

By |2021-07-20T10:39:42+01:00July 15th, 2021|Class 3, Whole School|Comments Off on Class 3’s Ukulele Performances!

After 7 weeks of focus, hard work and enthusiasm, Class 3 are incredibly proud to present their learning from our ukulele sessions! We've included some of our personal favourites that are guaranteed to be stuck in your head for the rest of the day! A big thank you to our wonderful Ms Fletcher for [...]

6 05, 2021

Class 3 Ukulele!

By |2021-05-07T10:40:01+01:00May 6th, 2021|Class 3|Comments Off on Class 3 Ukulele!

Class 3 (including Miss Brearey!) were incredibly excited to start our whole class ukulele lesson today! We learnt all about frets, how to hold the instrument correctly and even learnt to play a few tunes as a class. Our work on reading notation came in handy when there were a few rest beats- we [...]

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