The H.M.S Beagle arrived at Paihia, New Zealand on 1st December 1835. We disembarked and went to explore the surroundings, there were leaves and trees everywhere on the hills, but there were some creeks and streams of fresh water where we were standing. Very little of the landscape had been changed by humans beings.

When I was there I went to visit Waimate, a settlement made by the missionaries about 15 miles away from where I started, where there were English-style farmhouses and English flowers, fruits and vegetables. While I was there, I made observations on the native plants and trees, like hemp, ferns and Kauri trees, there were lots of successes and problems with new plants, like the potato and the leek. But during my stay I barely saw any wildlife.

In the woods I saw very few birds. It is incredible, that on this huge island, that is so high and wide, with lots of different habitats, there are barely any new animals on this island, which I think is ridiculous because it is such an exotic island. Even though it was pretty it was basically useless if you want to find new species.

We travelled back to the H.M.S Beagle and set off to another destination.Image result for PaihiaBy Matthew