I am in Santa Fe [Argentina] following up on fossilised remains, I stopped at Rio Tercero to search for fossils and bones. I have found a Toxodon tooth and two sets of badly decayed bones ,of which I was only able to obtain a Mastodon tooth. I found more fossils and the remains of a giant armadillo and bones.

I became very unwell In Santa Fe, so I cut the trip short and returned by boat down the Rio Parana to Buenos Aires, where I waited for another boat to Montevideo to meet HMS Beagle. I kept examining the rocks of the surrounding in the country, which was interesting.

Here I see beds of sand, clay, and limestone, containing sea shells and shark teeth. I found, near the Bajada, a large piece, nearly four feet across, of a giant armadillo, also a molar tooth of a Matadon and very many bones.

By Zeke