After we left Salvador da Bahia, the HMS Beagle encountered bad weather. We realised it would be unsafe to carry on travelling so we are taking shelter in the northern coast if Brazil for a few days. I am exploring the reef everyday and I respect it to the fullest.

I found a bar composed of sand and pebbles existing beneath the water when the low lands ,where towns and cities now stand, were occupied by a large bay. Even though the swell of the open ocean breaks heavily on the outside of the narrow line of the reef, the fact that it is still here, is quite wonderful. The reef’s protection  appears due to a layer of calcareous matter, formed by growth of  several kinds of organic bodies, chiefly serpulae, balani, nulliporae, but no true corals.

I am very interested in seeing what more I can find in this beautiful city of Brazil. I am leaving Recife in a few days when the weather gets better and I am sure the next place we visit will be as interesting as this.

Image result for recife brazil hms beagleBy Cantik