What a year!

The children who have attended my Fantasy Football Club have astounded me this year. Their commitment to coming each and every week has been a joy to witness. Their scheming, transfer dealings, musings and general desire to win has been a pleasure to be a part of. Of course, to cap off the year, there are two things we simply had to do.

Firstly, to check back over the year – recording highs and lows – to see who made those excellent decisions to bring in (and sell!) key players to gain maximum points. Secondly, to look forward to our Awards Ceremony, pencilled in for after half term, where we can hand out certificates, celebrate the winners and put an arm around the shoulder of those who, perhaps, didn’t quite get there this year.

A thank you to the parents who keenly got involved, to the children for starting up their own mini-leagues amongst friends and family and finally, to the long summer ahead, full of real-life transfer dealings. I hope the children who attended this year are eager and willing to come back next ready for some more!

As all the players and managers of the best teams in the world say:

We go again…

…after the summer holidays!

Kind regards,

Mr. Litchfield