Tick Tock, Tick Tock

How on Earth has the year nearly gone already? It seems only yesterday that everyone walked into year five, fresh from their time in year four, ready and eager to learn new things. Thankfully, that is still the case and we really have a great half term lined up.

Over the holidays, as ever, I’ve been busy doing lots of things. From landscape gardening (skips a plenty!) to visiting friends and family I’ve barely had a chance to pause for breath.

As we return after the May half term break, we’ve got lots of brilliant things planned – read on to find out more about our final spate of Year 5 learning…

What are we learning?

Ancient Greece!

Our theme for this half term focuses in around the topic of Ancient Greece. We’ll be learning about the history of this marvellous period in time as well as reading fiction and non-fiction alike linked to this timer period. It’s going to be great!

Art Request

Without wanting to give away our plans to specifically, I would like for your child to bring into school (over the first two weeks back) a plastic drinks bottle that has been cut in half, e.g., a 2 litre Coca-Cola bottle.

We will be using them to create something quite special to share with everyone later in the summer term…

Highlights from last half term

           Solar System Savants!

During the last half term the children worked brilliantly to create their very own working model of the Solar System. They used their knowledge of animation; timers; sourcing images from the internet; removing undesired parts from images, e.g., backgrounds; and then set their suns spinning at the centre of their solar systems.

Home Learning

Handed out Friday – Returned Friday


A huge well-done to all those children who have been keeping up with their reading at home; we’ve really enjoyed talking about books during the first part of the summer term and this is set to continue as we examine lots of different text types this half term, ranging from ‘Who Let the Gods Out’ to Olympic-themed poems.

Homework Tasks

Homework will keep to the same theme as previous half terms. As ever, I want to thank you for supporting your children’s learning – it continues to be a real treat for me to see how much effort your children put into their work and we celebrate this every Friday in class.

If you do have any questions or concerns that I can help with, please catch me on the playground and I’ll do my best to answer them then and there.

King regards,

Mr. Litchfield and Mrs. Bugden