Class 2 have been having more fun with science.  After building our Titanic mini models we were very curious about floating and sinking and have done two more investigations to learn more.  We braved the drizzle to create some floating and sinking sorting diagrams on the playground.  First of all we predicted which materials we thought would float or sink, then we tested them out.  We were particularly interested to find that with some of them (like the plastic Lego brick) it depended on which way up you put it in the water.  This led us to thinking about how the shape might also make a difference to how well something floated, so our next investigation was to make boats out of tin foil to see which shapes floated the best.  Zachary set a high standard early on with his boat that held a very impressive 45 coins.  We didn’t think it could be beaten, but then Maisie’s boat managed a massive 50 coins.  Right at the end (it was nail-biting!) Charlie’s boat just came in top with an incredible 52 coins before it sank!  We discovered that it wasn’t necessarily the most ‘boat-shaped’ boats that floated best, but those with a wide, flat bottom.  Maybe this will help with our boat designs this week!