This afternoon was spent observing and getting hands on with weather. After a quick recap about our learning from last week the children jumped straight into their first task. In groups they were faced with the challenge of freeing an object from a block of ice. They had limited supplies of sugar, sand, salt, warm water and a couple of spoons and knifes which were soon put to good use. The children quickly discovered that the warm water and salt had the most impact and set about freeing their object. The groups worked really well together and before playtime we left our blocks outside in the hopes the sun would make an appearance to finish off our challenge.

The second activity of the afternoon was the challenge to make it rain in the classroom. We looked at the idea of clouds forming and watching the rain fall. If you would like to try this activity at home all you need is a glass of water, some shaving foam and a little bit of blue food colouring. It was the quietest the children had been all afternoon as they all watched closely to see the different trails of rain fall into their cups.

Here are some photographs of our afternoon.