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School Council

Pupil Voice is very important to all of us at Willow Brook.  All of the children at Willow Brook make decisions that affect the school. We have a School Council that is made up of two children from each class and these children have a special role.  They ensure the voice of every child is heard and complete a variety of tasks as a result of these views.  The children share their opinions and ideas through whole school School Council assemblies and through Class Council assemblies every half term.  The children applied for the role at the start of the Autumn Term and an election was held.  The picture shows our Councillors for this academic year and this section of our website gives you some insight into the work and decisions made by all of the children at Willow Brook.

The first assignment for our Learning Ambassadors is to come up with a shared plan for helping everyone in the Willow Brook community to look after their health, both physical and mental.

Following on from our most recent January 2020 Learning Ambassador’s meeting, here are the findings:

Learning Ambassadors views – how school should keep everyone healthy

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