Curriculum Statement


We aim to enable our pupils to discover more about religion as well as other world views as we guide their understanding and progress through our creative curriculum.

Our pupils are encouraged to express ideas and insights into key questions which face all human beings as we travel through life. They will take part in lessons where content provokes challenging questions about the meaning and purpose of their lives. We welcome visitors to share a range of real religious views, values and ways of life. We also arrange visits to varied sites of worship and places in our community where young children can explore their thinking and bring their classroom learning to life. By the time they reach Year 6 it is our aim for them to be able to articulate a balanced and well-rounded attitude about the spiritual and religious diversity that exists in our locality and around the world.

Our full Curriculum Intent Statement can be found here:

Willow Brook statement of Intent for REWillow Brook statement of Intent for RE