Year 5 are already in the ‘zone’ this half term! We have immersed ourselves in all things Royal. The class have shown incredible focus and determination with their observational drawings of the Crown Jewels – what’s not to love about the Imperial State Crown, the Sovereign Orb or the Sovereign Scepter set with a 530 carat diamond? Wow!

We have also had a look at the countries the Queen is still the sovereign Head of State as well, as the 54 countries that make up the modern-day Commonwealth of Nations. The children are not the only ones to learn something new  – have you heard of Tuvalu? The Class have really had to get to grips with how to use an atlas to search for countries, as well thinking about continents and tropics. Phew. They worked hard.

This week they’ll be writing a job description for the role of a Queen, so we’re currently brushing up on what she actually does!