It has most certainly been a wonderful week. Kicking off when Class 2 and 3 joined together on Monday and Wednesday for some interesting science activities. In our class we enjoyed attempting to rescue the gingerbead man from almost certain death as he voyaged across the water…. if only it had been an oil spill then he would have been saved! Followed by finding the most ‘dunkable’ biscuit…. who knew the rich tea would out live the rest?


Thursday then brought with it the science showdown within class 2. WOW! So many wonderful ideas – the children could not stop talking about all things science. Your houses over the past few weeks must have been turned into marvelous laboratories. However, I am not sure that I will ever get rid of the smell of vinegar from the classroom!

We had such a variety of scientific experiments and explanations. From magic sticking paper, countless volcanoes, PH testing in cabbage water to homemade light bulbs and even floating eggs in salty water, it was a wonderfully creative afternoon.