Bench of Glory – Mathematics

I have been so thrilled this week to present seven fantastically hardworking mathematicians with their well-earned ‘Bench of Glory’ certificates. The reasons for their selection share a similar theme: an enjoyment of mathematics and the pursuit of further knowledge in this wonderful subject area.

As stated by Professor Marcus du Sautoy, mathematics is, “The language of the universe,” allowing us to see patterns in nature that may otherwise seem random and indescribable. It is so enthralling to see our Willow Brook children take their formative steps into a much larger world and enjoy such a deeply rich, engaging and fantastic subject whilst embodying our school values of commitment, care, confidence, creativity and community.

Each teacher has been asked about their chosen winner and has written about what makes them stand out in such a fantastic way and I have captured their thoughts below for you to read through along with photographs of seven super mathematicians too!

Congratulations to all of winners and kindest regards,

Mr. Litchfield


Year Group: Reception

Name: Theo

“Theo loves numbers, he remembers number facts and uses them correctly, he can tell the time and always is ready to learn more!”

Year Group: 1

Name: Ella-May

“She is a great mathematician, very quick, accurate and has great perseverance on trickier problem-solving questions. Her focus is incredible! She is always keen for a challenge and is proud of her work.”

Year Group: 2

Name: Samuel

“Samuel loves Maths – it’s his ‘thing’. From the moment he arrives all the way until bedtime he is always ready for the next challenge!”

Year Group: 3

Name: Evelina

“Evelina is a fantastic mathematician. Her reasoning and problem-solving skills are brilliant and she loves a challenge!”

Year Group: 4

Name: Isaac

“Isaac is someone who notices and knows. He is a subtle, calm person with quite confidence. He is a person I know I can rely upon to get the work done using pace and accuracy.”

Year Group: 5

Name: Teddy

“Teddy throws himself into our maths lessons with enthusiasm and a desire to ‘conquer’ the question. He focuses well and loves a complex problem to solve.”

Year Group: 6

Name: Justin

“He eats maths for breakfast! There’s not a problem he can’t solve… he thinks like a mathematician and works like a genius!”