Class 2 are really enjoying this half term’s topic learning about the journey of Titanic.  We started off being historians, and discovered facts about Titanic hidden on the trim trail.  We learned about the ship itself and helped Captain Smith plan the journey across the Atlantic.  Then we found out about some of the passengers and compared their experiences.  We wondered how ‘The Unsinkable Ship’ could have sunk, which led us to being scientists and investigating the properties of ice.  We recreated a mini model of Titanic and an iceberg, and discovered that ice floats with just a small part of it above the surface and most of it below – maybe that is why the huge iceberg wasn’t so easy to spot!  We were very interested to see that when you tried to sink the ice, it popped back up again, but when you sank the ship it stayed on the bottom.  We are looking forward to more investigations to answer our questions about ice and floating and sinking!