Sunday 3rd January 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

Following a day of continued deliberation between unions, the Local Authority and school staff, it is
my intention to open Willow Brook tomorrow morning as usual. Whilst we are assured that
transmission between young children remains manageable with appropriate risk assessments in
place, the adult members of the school, (being aware of the rising number of cases) are determined
to do their best to provide a safe environment in which your children can continue their education.
As ever, I am grateful for their professional approach.

I must underline that this situation continues to unfold. Over the coming days we may be instructed
to move to online learning and we are prepared for that possibility. We will continue to update you
regularly on any changing direction as soon as we know.

Thank you for your emails today registering your keyworker status. I have collaborated with Zoe
Roper and the emails sent to the office and to me have been combined to make a comprehensive
register of all pupils who may require on-site learning during and period of closure.

Please can I urge you to follow the start times communicated in my end of term newsletter
tomorrow morning and not to arrive on the playground early. I would also like to remind you that
adults are required to wear face coverings in a community area (i.e. on our school site) unless you
have an appropriate medical exemption. We are also keen to make sure that our efforts are not
jeopardised by illness of any kind. If your child (or any member of your household) is unwell –
especially if they are displaying symptoms of Covid 19 – please stay at home.

Again I apologise for the ‘rollercoaster’ of emails this weekend. I look forward to seeing you in the

With my Sunday regards,
Louise Ballard