Welcome Back

I hope that you’ve had a wonderful and restful February half term holiday and enjoyed your week break. I’ve had the chance to catch up with family members and celebrate an 80th birthday! Not mine of course…

Over the half term, I’ve been busy doing lots of things. We visited lots of places – my son is obsessed with farmyard creatures, the bus and trains at the moment so we did all three things in due course. My daughter, not wanting to be left out, requested a trip to a local ice-cream shop, Lincoln Cathedral and, “to stay up late and watch Arsenal!” Sadly, we lost to Man City – but never fear!

I’ve been able to catch up on some riveting jobs (is it time to mow the lawn already?) and had the chance to kick back in the evenings and catch up with some friends playing Age of Empires and Civilisation 6. Lots of fun!

As we return after the half term, we’ve got lots of great things planned – read on to find out more…

What are we learning?


In year 5 – just like the rest of the school – we’ll be focusing upon connections. It is a theme that will seep through everything that we do. There are going to be lots of brilliant things we are going to be learning about so keep your eyes peeled!

Highlights from last half term

Science Investigations & Excel Masters!

Last half term the children sincerely impressed me with their fantastic work during our science investigations. We examined and measured the different forces you might experience, whether it was air resistance, gravity or water resistance. They were brilliant at performing experiments fairly and were then able to take their data and create charts using Microsoft Excel to display it accurately. We’re so lucky to have a great group of scientists in our class! I’ve uploaded some photos of the children working on these objectives at the end of this post.

A quick thank you


A huge well-done to all those children who have been keeping up with their reading at home; we’ve really enjoyed talking about books last half term and this is set to continue as we examine lots of different text types this half term, ranging from scientific report writing to diary entries – keep up the great work!

Homework Tasks

Homework will keep to the same theme as previous half terms, but I wanted to take the chance to say thank you for supporting your children’s learning – it has been a pleasure to see how much effort they have been putting into their work each week.

A catch up

If you do have any questions or concerns that I can help with, please catch me on the playground and I’ll do my best to answer them then and there.

Kind regards,

Mr. Litchfield