Summer Sun

Easter eggs always look so appealing in the shops – bright, colourful and stuffed with chocolate. Having said that, I certainly think (as a household) we’ve consumed more than enough to see us through to next year now!

Throughout the Easter break we’ve been incredibly busy. Day trips to faraway places, visiting family and friends and (regrettably) lots of mowing the lawn. We have certainly been a busy bunch. Having said that, one of my favourite memories has been sitting with my children and painting our bird table at the bottom of the garden which has been swamped with birds. Luckily, I had my handy bird-spotters book (purchased after bird watch at school) ready to help identify our tweeting neighbours. Both Eleanor and Arthur have some new artwork pinned up on the cupboard doors as a result.

So, as we bid a fond farewell to the Easter break, what have we got lined up in school? As ever, the answer is ‘lots of things!’ read on to find out more about our plans for the first summer term…

What are we learning?

Earth & Space

Our theme for this half term focuses in around the topic of ‘Earth and Space’. We’ll be learning about our solar system during our science lesson, reading the excellent story of ‘The Jamie Drake Equation’ during English and all of our other learning this half term with have a space theme or connection too it. I can’t wait!

Highlights from last half term

Awesome Artists!

During the last half term the children worked fantastically alongside one another as they created their very own Dali-inspired melting clocks. Firstly, they manipulated the wet clay with their hands and gradually formed their desired shapes. Afterwards, they set it to dry, painted them with great gusto and finally finished off with a generous application of PVA to give them a shining look.

Home Learning

Handed out Friday – Returned Friday


A huge well-done to all those children who have been keeping up with their reading at home; we’ve really enjoyed talking about books during the spring term and this is set to continue as we examine lots of different text types this half term, ranging from scientific report writing to product evaluations in D.T.!

Homework Tasks

Homework will keep to the same theme as previous half terms. As ever, I want to thank you for supporting your children’s learning – it continues to be a real treat for me to see how much effort your children put into their work and we celebrate this every Friday in class.

If you do have any questions or concerns that I can help with, please catch me on the playground and I’ll do my best to answer them then and there.

King regards,

Mr. Litchfield and Mrs. Bugden