It was an absolute treat to welcome the author LD Lapinski to Willow Brook on Friday! We have had such a great half term in the company of Flick and Jonathan from the ‘Strangeworlds Travel Agency’ trilogy, that it was a treat to meet their creator.

We started the day with the whole school gathered in the hall to listen. We learnt how a writer finds their ideas… how publishers and agents work… how you pick the right voice for your audio book and how you become a global success when your book is published in 15 different countries!

L.D. then went on to do some writing workshops in Year 6, Year 5 and Class 3. They learnt how to imagine (and steal!) settings and characters and how to blend them together in a successful plot. In EYFS, L.D. loved seeing the suitcase worlds that the children were playing in and had a wonderful time on the carpet making up stories.

Later in the afternoon, L.D. signed copies of her books for the children. The fact that there were nearly 100 books to sign, coupled to there being personal messages to write in each one, meant that it took a little longer than anticipated. Thank you for your patience! I know that book will take pride of place for many years to come.

L.D. later posted about her day on Twitter/X and said what an awesome school Willow Brook had been to visit, so the feelings of ‘what a brilliant Friday that was’ were mutual!