This week year 5 set off an adventure to York to visit the Jorvik Viking Centre. After carrying out lots of research about the Viking’s in our history lessons, the children were already well equipped with lots of Viking knowledge but the experience at the Jorvik Centre definitely made all of our learning come to life!

Travelling around the Viking village and seeing, hearing and smelling life in a Viking settlement provided such an insight into what life was like as an ordinary Viking (not the ferocious warriors who set sail to raid lands). Some of the smells were rather realistic…especially near the Viking on the toilet! We also had the chance to explore many artefacts that had been excavated from the site and hear about how coins were used in the Viking world.

After our morning at Jorvik we set off for our workshop in Viking battle tactics. The workshop was fascinating and as you’ll see from the photos…very active! Year 5 were able to re-enact two different battle formations, creating shield walls before charging at each other and seeing who could break through first. This was the perfect ending to our exciting day out before we returned to school, full of enthusiasm and with stories to share.