Hello Year 6. I hope you had a lovely week and didn’t get too soggy?

This week in school we are covering a range of activities, including measurement in Maths, fair tests and heart rate in Science, and continuing with Letters from the Lighthouse in English as well as moving on to look at the beautiful Piano (which can be found on The Literacy Shed).

Just as before, I have included a brief timetable and explanation within each of the 3 subjects, to show how we will be carrying out the work in school.

Any problems do not hesitate to contact me.

Take care, have a good week.

converting km miles monday

converting measures and word problems

Converting Measures Tuesday

Science 1 – the effect of diet and exercise on heart rate

Science 2 – fair test to investigate exercise on heart rate

Solve multi step problems with addition and subtraction Thursday

English – The Piano week a

Bonus item!

Please find some resources for primary athletics.  Click here to see how you can enjoy your very own PE lesson.