The Windrush Generation

Inspired by the stories of Mrs Best’s Grandmother, who emigrated to the U.K as part of the Windrush Generation, Class 4 made it our mission to learn more about the generation of people who inspired, created and were responsible for the creation of Nottinghill Carnival.

We were joined by Mr Nigel Best, who also came to the U.K in this period as a child. We heard about the personal side of this experience, of leaving his home in Barbados and moving to London in the early 1960’s. Class 4 asked him lots of questions and were soon imagining the beaches of Barbados from Mr Best’s childhood.








Carnival Sounds

Whilst Covid restrictions didn’t allow the whole band to come, we were lucky enough to be joined by professional Steel Pan teacher Nicole.

She showed us her incredible drum and we listened to the beautiful sounds and music, transporting us to Trinidad on a musical wave.




We also had a go on the mini drums. We were naturals!


To consolidate all our learning and to celebrate the achievements of Rhaune Laslett and Claudia Jones we held our own Carnival.

We made costumes, drank mocktails, danced and tasted some delicious Caribbean food.

Join us for Carnival

Inspired by all of our learning we wrote descriptive flyers, designed to transport the reader to carnival with the use of detailed imagery and descriptive vocabulary.