This morning we got together with 7 people who had been chosen by the Willow Brook classes to set off on a balloon ride. After a week of investigation, the children had nominated their heroes – someone who they considered to be a world changer. It would be our honour to spend time with such inspirational people. The trouble was there was only 1 space in the balloon basket and we needed to debate who deserved it the most.

We listened to seven persuasive speeches that aimed to convince the senior leaders of the school who should be invited. After an hour, we still couldn’t separate three of the nominees. Even a question and answer session didn’t result in an outright Willow Brook hero.

The drama continued into the afternoon, and with the balloon needing to depart at 3.15pm, we had to go to a Borda Count!

I am pleased to say at 3pm the returning officer awarded the ticket to Year 4’s Rhaune Laslett – the woman who, along with Claudia Jones saw that a community could come together with a carnival rather than confrontation. A great lesson for us all and a very worthy winner! Hear Alwande’s speech… I’m sure you’ll agree.