This week we have been learning all about 3D shapes. To help us learn the names of the different shapes we have been completing a range of activities and challenges. The children first had to go on a 3D shape hunt around the classroom, finding objects that were the correct shapes. We decided that the classroom was full of cylinders and cuboids but not so many spheres, although we did manage to find a few.

The children were also faced with the challenge of out smarting Mrs Hollingshead in a memory game which they enjoyed very much! She tried her best to trick the children but they were far to quick at identifying the missing shape.

As well as exploring the classroom there were two building challenges for the children to complete. The first was to make a cube out of the materials provided. It all seemed pretty simple from the example but the children soon realised that they needed a friend to help. I think Alice and Harvey were the first to successfully complete the challenge and were very proud of their achievement. Other children quickly followed with successful attempts. The second building challenge involved some of our school construction and there was a group of children who were so determined to complete the challenge they were working right up until the last second.

Here are a few photographs.