Class 3 have been very lucky to have the chance to learn how to Kurl! After watching videos of ice curling, the children were slightly disappointed to discover we hadn’t actually turned the hall floor into an ice rink for our PE lesson…They were, however, very excited to try out this new skill with Mr Ballard!

Here are some of the highlights according to the children…

Joy- I was good at aiming. We did new age kurling.

Ben S- Next week I will be better than ever. I liked whizzing the stone. I was surprised I had never heard of it before. It was the best PE session ever.

Rosie- This morning, we played kurling. It was different because we didn’t do it outside. It was great, I loved it!

Abby- It was difficult because it was hard to get the coloured stones in the centre.

Ava- It’ not an actual stone. It’s plastic with wheels. It’s meant to be on ice but we did it on the shiny floor.

Imogen- This morning, Mr Ballard taught us how to do kurling. You try to aim to a mat and to do it on ice but we did it on slippy floor instead!

Ruari- It was difficult. I thought Phoebe was the best in my team.

Phoebe- I enjoyed it when we earnt points.

Eden- Miss Brearey showed us a video of people kurling on ice. I was on the red team. Next week, I will will try harder.

Jack- I enjoyed learning it. Next week, I will improve and try to get a strike! It was difficult because it was a new sport.

Arya- We had to aim where the target was.

Matthew- It was different because Mr Ballard was teaching us. It was the best! I enjoyed it because I hit the target.

Hugo- I am bad at it but it is a good sport.

Teddy- It was hard because some stones went faster than others.

Edi- Mr Ballard was teaching us and it was really really good.

Evie- Kurling is a sport you play with kurling brushes but we did new age kurling with stones with wheels.

Zoha- It was difficult because I couldn’t aim it in the circle. I enjoyed it when Mafana got it in the circle.

Dylan- I enjoyed it because it was fun.

Rebecca- Kurling was hard. I thought Mafana was the best. You try to get the bullseye with the stone.

Fraser- We played kurling on the squeaky clean hall floor. It was difficult because to get 10 points your guidance has to perfect and nothing should be in the way.

Kian- Next week, I will listen better.

Pollyanna- I enjoyed the challenge at the end. The best person in my team was Mafana.

Fabian- Today, we played kurling but new age.

Mafana- The real curling has stone at the bottom of it and the one we did had wheels.

Aimee- This morning we did PE with Mr Ballard. I enjoyed cheering for my team.

Sammy- It was a bit hard to be less powerful.

Ben T- It was difficult because it kept sliding away.