Hello Class 3!

I hope that you enjoyed your residential not a residential and were able to make the most of an unusually unique experience! If you haven’t had a chance to organise yours yet then of course there is no rush and it can be done at any time (or even again if you enjoyed it that much…).

I joined in and organised my very own “Camp Brearey”, complete with activities, blanket fort and cereal eaten on my patio (which really does make it taste better, it has to be said!). I’ve put together a photo and written review of my experience as your reading task for this week:

Miss Brearey residential review

Miss Brearey residential review answers

As part of my organised residential, I created my own time table which I did my best to stick to. Here are some time related questions linked to this time table.

Miss Brearey residential time table

Class 3 is full of wonderfully creative writers and I hope that the Troll (not the animated film!) themed task here gives you ample opportunity to stretch those writing muscles again. I would love to see your finished pieces, either typed up or written in your beautiful handwriting and, of course, accompanied with your imaginative illustrations. Mrs Ballard will be printing these booklets out and they will be available for you to pick up from school!



During my exploration of various online resources, I came across some wonderful educational games on the BBC bitesize website (most notably Karate Cat Maths/Karate Cat English, Defenders of Mathematica and Crystal Explorers). Unfortunately, the games are either focussed on KS1 or focussed on KS2 levels. This is problematic as KS2 games cover all the way up to the year 6 curriculum and KS1 games only cover up until year 2, leaving year 3 right in the middle!

I would suggest starting with the KS1 games (some have a bronze, silver and gold levelling system) and if you find these too easy, have a go at the more challenging KS2 games, remembering that these will be rather challenging! Having said this, I tried the KS2 Maths and English (Defenders of Mathematica and Crystal Explorers) games with my “Year 3 brain” on and managed to do fairly well. See how you get on…


I’ve seen some seedlings, residential experiences taking shape and outdoor learning (amongst other bits and bobs!) via email but would, of course, welcome you sharing anything that you’re proud of with me 🙂