Hello Class 3!

I hope that your Troll pieces of writing are coming along nicely, I would love to see these (and those illustrations) when you have finished them! 

I also hope that your planted seeds are beginning to look more exciting, send me any pictures of your progress with these 🙂  

This week, I would like you to tell me all about your favourite book that you have read/had read to you whilst you’ve been at home. You’ll see my example below- as always Class 3, no giggling at my drawing attempts!

 Top Read

I hope that you’ve all managed to work your way through the White Rose work on fractions. This task is designed to be completed once you have finished those sessions, although you are of course welcome to complete it at any point!

Teachers Who Has the Best Deal

Here are 2 examples of finished Troll work I have received and enjoyed reading! This is Jessica and Phoenix’s work. As you can see, they’ve both done a marvellous job of that “polished final piece” look…what perfect handwriting!

As you finish your own, I would love to be able to add some more examples to the website so you can see each other’s work!

One more thing…

Our school’s sports partnership has produced some excellent resources to get children active and enjoying sport, even if their usual clubs and activities are suspended. Here are some ideas for how to develop football and netball skills for children (and adults) of all ages and abilities. Have a look and let us know how you get on!

Notts School Games Netball Primary

Notts School Games Football Primary