On Thursday morning, Class R and Class 1 set out on a wet and windy walk around Keyworth. The children were very excited to get started and were armed with a sheet of pictures to spot on our travels. We have been learning all about different buildings and landmarks in towns, cities and villages and the children were keen to talk about the different places around Keyworth that they have been. There were lots of shouts of, ‘I live here!’ as we recognised the houses of friends and family. I also heard lots of conversations about library visits and chip shop Fridays!

The children walked so brilliantly as we set off down the Fairway that we arrived at our first destination in plenty of time. We walked along the parade, looking into the different shop windows and talking about the types of jobs people had. We then made our way up past the swimming pool and the library to see Imogen’s dad who is an architect and is involved with building a couple of houses in Keyworth. The builders spent a little time talking to use about how they built the houses and the materials they used. The children asked some brilliant questions and enjoyed listening and watching the builders work. Even Mr Castledine got involved, showing the children different materials and explaining what they are used for. A big thank you to Imogen’s dad for organising this part of our walk and giving us some pictures to look at on our return to school.

After spending some time at the building site, we set off back to school. We walked past the playground and to the church before taking the long road back to the allotments and to school. There were some very tired legs on our return but lots of smiling faces. All of the children walked so well and we made it back to school in record time. Thank you to all of the grown-ups that came to help on our walk. Here are a few photographs from our morning for you to enjoy.