All we needed was a trained archaeologist to give a spark to the launch of our summer term whole school topic… Fortunately, we have one on the staff! Our very own ‘Indiana Jones’, or Mr. Jones as we call him, took the whole school on their first ‘dig’ last Friday. We journeyed to the Otztal Alps to unravel the mystery of the Ice Man who was first discovered two hikers in 1991. Little did they know that he had been buried in the ice for over 5,000 years and was about to become the world’s oldest unsolved murder victim!

Mr. Jones worked through the clues as the evidence was unearthed. An arrow head in his back… a fatal blow to the head… broken ribs and several unusual scars on his skin all led to one conclusion. Strands of hair provided primary evidence of his dealings with copper and the contents of his stomach revealed his last hurried meal. The archaeologist’s trowel scraped away all morning and by lunchtime the children were sure they had cracked the case. As you can see from the photos, eyes were wide, mouths were open and so many children were declaring their interest in pursuing a career in history!

Our topic is afoot… every class is now off to uncover their own mysteries hidden in time.