Dear Willow Brook,

A little extra homework from me… I hope that you will be inspired to think ahead!

Next Friday, like many other children across the country, everyone at school will be entering a very special competition. For more than 50 years Royal Mail’s Special Stamp programme has commemorated British history and achievement. Stamps have also been issued to honour the achievements of many British people. Often, the people who appear on stamps are already famous. They include scientists and explorers, writers, artists, musicians, athletes, and Prime Ministers.

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, there have been many people who have done great things. Many of them are not famous, but they have done extraordinary work. These are the people who have helped us all through a really difficult time. Some are frontline workers in healthcare, others look after elderly or vulnerable people…someone special may have just looked after you!

Royal Mail wants to honour these heroes by producing a set of eight stamps. The stamps will feature designs created by eight school-aged children. We are asking you – our young designers – to think about who their hero or heroes are, and to then design a stamp in their honour. We will send your entries off and a panel of special judges will pick the winning designs. The final eight stamps will be sent to Her Majesty the Queen before they can be printed and stuck on letters and parcels. Your hero could travel the world!

As we start to see the light at the end of a very long Coronavirus tunnel, I would also like to create a school display to thank those who have helped us to navigate the past year safely. There are so many special people in our community. On Friday morning our Exciting Writing will give you all a chance to tell us how one person has been that hero for you. In the afternoon we will draw our stamp designs ready to send off to the Royal Mail. The best of both will form a display for Willow Brook.

So, what can you do to get ready? Think! Who is your hero? Jot down why… think of good examples to make your explanation warm and compelling. You don’t have to do the finished write – rough words and ideas are perfect. Then draft your stamp design. How can one picture reflect your words? Think colour and layout. If you are prepared, your tasks on Friday will be a pleasure. The worry of ‘thinking’ won’t hold you back.

Let’s all do a ‘first class’ job!