Our whole-school topic this half term is all about Journeys.

In history, each year group is going back in time to walk in the shoes of some well-known travellers… From the Ancient Egyptians making their final trip to the afterlife to those who stepped aboad the Titanic and the Mayflower, we will be using our skills as historians to build our knowledge and understanding.

In English, each year group has a fictional text that will take them on another epic trip. Year R will travel to Where the Wild Things Are, whilst others are joining Hobbits on the road, venturing with Podkin One-Ear or simply setting off in a balloon to go Around the World in 80 Days.

We are off with ‘A Boy, a Horse, a Fox and a Mole’ in philosophy, to learn and debate some inner thoughts and our assemblies will think about pilgrims, whose dedication and example are worth hearing about.

There is so much more going on – all of which we hope to pull together into a Willow Brook exhibition. Take a look at our plan by clicking on this link: Creative-curriculum-planning-whole-school-Journeys 

We can only hope that at the end of our learning journey, there will be time and opportunity for a summer of real adventures and new horizons.