There’s nothing more exciting than the moment 200 book characters arrive on the school playground on World Book Day… From Matildas and enormous crocodiles to dragons, lions, witches and wardrobes, you never quite know who (or what!) is about to arrive! Our Year 6 children have always been ‘dressing up pros’, so we couldn’t let their last World Book Day go by without letting them enjoy the fun one more time. As you can see, their creativity and enthusiasm didn’t disappoint!

There are six important elements for developing that all important reading for pleasure habit. They include:

  1. Being read to regularly – engaging positively with books before you start to read independently
  2. Having access to books
  3. Having the chance to choose what to read
  4. Having adults and friends who share their book enthusiasm
  5. Having book experiences that are enjoyable – knowing that reading can be fun
  6. Having time to read… which might be imposed as a habit at first but will then build to becoming part of routine.

In collaboration with World Book Day, we try to encourage all 6 points. From taking part in the Book Swap to using your voucher to find a free book, we give children that choice and opportunity.

With MC. Grammar (and 5 mini versions in support!) rapping the theme song, last Thursday was a memorable day!