Class 1 had a great time this half term preparing and then making their fruit kebabs for a lucky someone at home! We practised cutting the fruit into suitably-sized pieces to eat, before tasting them to then describe what the texture and taste was. Lots of us tried new fruit that we had not ventured to try before.

As part of our homework, we asked the lucky person who was receiving the kebabs to tell us what fruit they would like on their kebab and designed the pattern we would use. It was then time to make the kebabs, sticking to what the person at home had requested and the pattern we had designed. We then collected feedback from the eaters of the kebab at home… It turns out that lots of people would have liked a bit of chocolate on their kebab as well!

The children took this project very seriously, making sure their hands were washed and that their final kebabs looked as delicious as they tasted.