As part of British Science Week, Class 1 had a week filled with time themed science…

We made a sand timer as a class and (after being successful on the 4th attempt!) learnt that sand needs quite a big hole to travel through enough to make a functioning timer. We also timed existing sand timers which sounds like a silly thing to do but actually they weren’t running for the exact amount of time they were labelled with!

We set up an experiment using jelly and pineapple (both tinned and fresh) to see which one would set quicker- our predictions were very wrong!

We investigated what we could put on apples to stop them going brown. We tried lemon juice, parsley water, sparkling water, vinegar and apple juice. The lemon juice and parsley water worked best and stopped the apple chunks from going even slightly brown…the vinegar made the apples go very brown!

We used Mrs Humphrey’s drill to make different sized holes in bottle tops to see how that affected the timing of our water clocks.

We made boats out of different materials (including foil, sugar paper and newspaper) to see what worked best and didn’t go soggy. Here are some pictures of our investigations!