Hello Class 2,

I know you have all been very busy at home and as always it is lovely to see your work, so don’t forget to send me your completed work, of which I am sure you are very proud.

This week takes on a different learning theme; we are going to spend a little time looking at some Geography and History, focusing on London as our project. I know many of you have been to the Capital and enjoyed exploring such places as The Natural History Museum, as well as watched shows on the stage. I hope this week’s research, reading, and exploring, will open up your eyes to even more features of the capital city! Along with this work, we will be diving into capacity. Prepare to get practical (and maybe messy) exploring capacity of containers and reading scales as well.

Have fun.

Comparing capacity

home nations cut and stick

London eye and HMS Belfast true or false

London information

measuring capacity

orange and blackcurrant brainteaser

proofreading houses of parliament

Question of the week 9 – aliens

Questions on the Tower and Gherkin

Spellings week 9 – suffix ed

Work from home week 9 21st June