I must say that last week’s Year 6 DARE graduation caught me quite off guard!  As well as loving the humour and originality of their talk show style presentation, I felt quite emotional watching their sincere and energetic response to all they have learned over the past term.

Their hour long assembly showed off so much confidence and talent… There were perfect dance routines, rousing songs, speeches and videos that completely captivated everyone in the hall. Grace won an award for her poster design and Elliott was nominated as DARE student of the year. More than anything, it spoke volumes about how far this splendid group of young people have come over the past year. Their togetherness and care for each other shone and it made Miss Hackett and I incredibly proud.

All I hope is that they hold fast to the lessons PC Appleyard has taught them… that they see their self-worth and inner strength as they move towards Year 7 and towards teenage life. As a school we continue to invest in the DARE programme to make sure Year 6 have access to this tailored and vital series of life lessons – I am confident that it continues to be money well spent.

Well done, Year 6!

Mrs Ballard