On the Monday before half term, our two Rushcliffe Pupil Parliament members, Sami and Tom,  had the privilege of visiting London to experience the real Houses of Parliament.

They got the chance to sit in both the House of Commons and the Lords, debate a political issue and get involved with the banter between the MPs and some Brexiteers on Parliament Hill! They walked the corridors of power and voted in the lobbies, walked past Ian Duncan Smith and saw the original broken spur on the statue where the Suffragettes chained themselves in St Stephen’s Hall.

Our whole school topic for this half term is called ‘Order! Order!’ and will take us all on a journey through history as we understand how the Magna Carta brought about laws and democracy. We are following a great book produced by UK Parliament and you can follow our lessons by looking at https://www.parliament.uk/education/ As well as a new Prime Minister, who knows what other political landmarks we may encounter before July…

I’m sure that Tom and Sami will remember their day for a very long time and we look forward to them sharing their experience with us all.