Dukes Barn

The 5Cs of Willow Brook children are immediately apparent to both ourselves as staff and to adults outside of our school when undertaking residentials. This trip was of no exception and I’d like to take the chance to give you an overview of our trip along with some photos to enjoy viewing too.

Whilst we were away, all the children cared for our environment and always looked out for one another. They took turns, cleaned up after themselves and ensured that everyone in their group – be it their dormitories or activity groups – were not left out and had fun. Many of the activities are challenging and a perceived risk of danger can sometimes require an extra ounce of confidence that is hidden within ourselves (children and staff alike!) The year five and six children used their creativity to overcome a variety of obstacles, be it abseiling, climbing or canoeing. At all times they had smiles upon their faces and the encouragement they showed to one another was inspiring. In short, they were committed to getting the best out of the experience for everyone who took part. Perhaps most importantly, they represented our school community excellently through their behaviours and actions. The staff at Dukes Barn regularly commented upon their good manners and respectfulness… as you can imagine, this delighted us as staff.

Finally, we would also like to take a moment to thank Dr. Baker for giving his time so generously to accompany us on this trip. His humour, support and kindness were appreciated by everyone – adults and children alike.

I would like to leave you with the words I overheard from one year six child on the way back to Dukes Barn after a busy day:

“I’m glad this is our last school trip… it has been the best one by far.”

Have a wonderful Easter break,

Mr. Litchfield, Mr. Jones, Mrs. Armitage and Mrs. Bugden