In this morning’s assembly we celebrated harvest. Traditionally the day in the calendar when ‘all was safely gathered in’ and people gave thanks that there was enough food to feed us all.

The day started with Jack arriving on his tractor, bringing with him a whole trailer full of fresh fruit and vegetables. Even better was the fact that the tractor stayed in our wildlife garden for the day and Jack was able to show it to his friends!

In assembly we thought about the fact that every day, one in eight people in the world go hungry. We imagined the 8 people around a Willow Brook  dinner table who would not be served anything to eat… We re-enacted that, and the two people who were greeted with empty plates were not very  happy! They used the words, ‘it’s not fair!’

We then watched a video where children solved the problem. The solution was simply to see other people’s needs and then share!

We have so much. At the end of a school dinner there is often so much wasted food. Today we thought about that. We were grateful for all that we had… for food… for love… and a warm bed to sleep in at night. Many children brought something small that would help someone who did not have that same day to day experience. It was just a small way of remembering, being grateful and sharing so that, in one small but brilliant way, the world became a better place. Thank you for your kindness.

Have a look at the video we watched. It explains this morning’s thinking perfectly.